Good news everyone! In my effort to make Todorant completely private and safe for users, I have completed phasing out all the SDK that can potentially track Todorant users.

TL;DR: if you add a task to "Buy socks", no advertising company (including Google, Facebook, Microsoft) will know about it — and they won't be able to start showing you more socks ads on the web!

You may be a bit confused how this is different from the previous blog post "Todorant has officially removed all analytics except self-hosted", which is understandable. See, before we got rid of analytics SDK but still were using other third-party SDK, for instance, to support Code Push updates from Microsoft and social logins with Google and Facebook SDK. Potentially, even though we explicitly opted out from the user analytics, these companies would still be able to track users unknowingly to Todorant.

Not anymore! All of these SDK are removed from Todorant Web already and are going to be removed from the Todorant mobile apps as soon as the new versions hit the stores! None of the big companies even have a chance of tracking Todorant users and attributing their ads.

I highly value my personal privacy and this approach to be privacy-first expands to Todorant as well because it is the project I care most at the moment. Hope you enjoy the added privacy! Cheers!