Todorant already helps you to gain the "never-forget-anything" superpower — no longer your partner gets mad when you forgot about a chore you're responsible for. Because you simply never forget! And even better: you don't have to proactively remember it, just add it to Todorant as soon as your partner asks you to do something — and that's it! You can be almost sure it's going to get done.

However, there is one caveat: your partner still has to tell you about the task and you still have to spend a bit of time to add it to Todorant. Well, today is the day when "is" became "was" and "has" became "had"! You can now add your partner as a delegator to Todorant — and they then can add any tasks they want assigned to you!

Just ask whoever you want to become your delegator for the delegation link from their settings. After you accept the invite, you will show up in their "add todo" screen as a delegate. When they assign you a task, you get this task added to your "inbox" screen of the delegation tab. Accept it — and then it is added to your linear list of Todorant tasks.

It has never been simpler to not forget about things that are important to your partner. Use this new superpower — there is no downside to it!

If you experience any issues with the delegation feature or if you have any suggestions about it — feel free to tell us about it in the official Telegram support group. Thank you a lot!