Todorant iOS 1.4.18 and Android 1.0.82 are available on the stores today! We are quite excited about this release:

  • The new synchronization mechanism is now in a state of the art form, no data is ever lost with Todorant and the speed of syncing it is outstanding. You might not notice this change if you have less than 5000 todos but as soon as you reach this mark you'll notice that the app is as fast as with just 1-10 todos.
  • The brand new Apple Watch app is now as rich in features as possible. You now have option to add various forms of Todorant complications to the watchfaces. Moreover, the Apple Watch app itself is as usefull for the Todorant methodology as it gets. Technically, you no longer need to Todorant iOS app all the time — just lift your wrist and you know what you should be doing!
  • This one is personal for me as one of the most avid Todorant users. I have over 20 000 todos on my account and before this update Todorant was, well, slower than I wanted it to be. But from now on I enjoy working with the Todorant app more than ever with no lag at all when I perform actions on my todos. Just like when I first launched Todorant and only had ~100 tasks, it is lightning-fast on 20 000 todos now!

Aside from the major improvements mentioned above, we keep pushing new updates weekly (usually even more frequently than that) with various bugfixes and improvements. You can always report any bugs, request any features or voice any concerns in our official Telegram support group. Cheers!