Judging by the time the first Todorant user (who wasn't me for some reason) registered, Todorant was launched on the 13th of August 2019. That would be 3 years this August! 35,834 people tried out Todorant and created 1,291,821 todos.

However, Todorant will probably never find its product market fit — the market, the people, I am not ready for it just yet. See, people don't care about the methodology — they care about hiding the tasks they don't want to do into the endless folders of doom. People don't need productivity, they need a feeling that they are productive.

On the other hand, these 127 people who still have active subscription for Todorant got why methodology is the king in productivity. These are the ambassadors of Todorant's way — when you become extremelly productive, you simply cannot not spread the news about how you achieved it. You want you friends, your family, your close ones to become as productive as you are.

But this is all not enough. 127 people paying $5/month is $635/month. Burn rate of Todorant is around $5000/month, which yields -$4365/month. I didn't raise money for Todorant because I've built it for myself. I still use it daily (if not hourly) and I'm quite satisfied with the place it got to in these 3 years of development.

So what will happen to Todorant?

  1. Todorant will soon become free forever for everybody, your existing subscriptions will turn into free versions, people no longer will need to pay for Todorant.
  2. The team will make effort to open source Todorant's code (all of it) to make sure the legacy can live on.
  3. I'm not planning to shut down the servers or the apps. I use Todorant myself and I'd like to keep using it.
  4. Todorant's development will halt, no new features are going to come out — only the critical bugs will be fixed; however, I'd be happy to review and merge any pull requests that community will produce.

It's been a wild ride. Thank you for being a part of it.

What's next for me?

We've recently raised the seed round for BWL, I'm focusing on the web3 and zk tech. If you want to follow the updates, feel free to subscribe to the BWL blog. I'm amazed by what we are cooking there, something EPIC will come out of it really soon.

That's all for me. Feel free to direct any Todorant questions to @todorant_feedback.

Thank you.