You might not know, but Todorant has its own shiny Telegram bot: @todorant_bot. It allows you to see and act on the current task and add new tasks with ease. In fact, I personally mostly use this bot in a /zen mode to add new tasks. Go check it out!

In order to use @todorant_bot, you need to have your Telegram account connected to your Todorant account. In case if you logged in with Telegram to Todorant, you don't have to do anything, the accounts are already linked. If you didn't use Telegram to login to Todorant, then you can connect a Telegram account to the Todorant account in the Integration section of the Settings on

I highly recommend using the /zen mode — when anything you tell @todorant_bot gets interpreted as a new task. And you can use modifiers like "today:", "tomorrow:", "next sunday:"! The next time you need to quickly add a task to today, just use Telegram.


Here's how the resulting task from the post picture would look like