Google Calendar integration is a way to set up notifications about the tasks with exact time like meetings, time-sensitive events, etc. Some users requested a way to receive notifications about such events in Todorant but it goes against the "ease of mind" methodology. Annoying notifications get ignored after a while which contributes to ignoring all of the productivity triggers by our minds (even the ones that help).

You can turn on Google Calendar integration in the settings section on mobile devices or on the web version of Todorant. After you allow Todorant to access your Google Calendar, all the new tasks created in Todorant with an exact time will get synced to Google Calendar into a newly created "Todorant" calendar.

Feel free to modify the appearance and the default settings of the "Todorant" calendar on Google Calendar. New tasks should inherit the settings from the "Todorant" calendar.

By default, all tasks from Todorant take 15 minutes. There is no concept of task length in the Todorant methodology, so the 15 minute length is just a formality for the task to show up on the "Todorant" calendar. After all. Google Calendar should only be used to gain the task reminders function for the time sensitive events.

As a nice bonus, you can move the tasks around right in the Google Calendar and the task time will automatically update in Todorant. Alternatevily, tasks modified in Todorant will be modified in the "Todorant" calendar as well. Deleting a task in Google Calendar is the same as marking task completed in Todorant. Completing or deleting a task in Todorant will remove it from the Google Calendar.